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What are the available shipping methods and costs?
There are two available shipping methods which you can select on your checkout:
Standard AirMail: $25-$35 per box (standard tracking, delivery in 8-13 business days to your door).
GetCigar guarantees delivery WORLDWIDE to your door.

Are Cuban cigars stronger than any other cigars ?
It is true that Cuban cigars have a very specific taste which makes them different (most experts agree the best), but you can find cigars ranging from light to full body in strength. The soil, climatic conditions and expert knowledge of Cuba and the Cubans give the Cuban hand rolled long filler cigars, a complexity and subtlety found in no other cigar.

Does the color wrapper affects the taste of the cigars ?
Cuban cigars have numerous wrapper colors. For example, the Montecristo No. 2, Habanos Cuban cigar is manufactured with dozens of wrapper color variations, from green, to claro, to brown, to brown turning dark or brown turning reddish to maduro and rarely oscuro (black).
If you request a specific wrapper color when ordering, we will do our best to select the color you requested when possible. Concerning the selection that you have on hand, from light brown to dark brown, the tobacco blend of the Cuban cigar is the same regardless of the wrapper coloration. Wrapper coloration does not affect the power, the strength or the taste of any Habanos Cuban cigar (wrapper leaf accounts for 3% of the overall taste of your cigar). Remember the age of a cigar will have far more influence on the flavors and power of your cigar. A young Montecristo No.2 (0-6 months) does not taste, burn or have the same power as a Montecristo No.2 with 3 years of age just as as it will not taste, burn or have the same power as a Montecristo No.2 with 5 years of age.

Why some cigars are difficult to draw ?
As this is a hand-made product, you will naturally encounter small variations amongst the Cuban cigars you purchase from our company. Unlike machine-made cigars each hand-made cigar is unique and original. Occasionally, hand-made cigars are rolled too tightly and cannot be smoked easily. If you do experience this problem, we suggest leaving your cigars to rest for several weeks in the ideal atmosphere of your humidor (16°C-18°C and 65%-70% humidity).
Should this solution not ease your cigars, we will gladly credit you for the defective cigars on your next order (for example, if 3 of your cigars were defective, we will credit you for 3 cigars when you place your next order).

Are the cigars ready to be smoked when the cigars arrive ?
For an ideal smoke, we do recommend that you allow your cigars to rest in your humidor for up to a week, in order to recover from the stress of shipping. Remember cigars are living matter. The fermentation process continues and your cigar continuously evolves. Give them time and they will come round. An appropriate humidor is essential in order to properly store and age any cigar.

Why prices are so different from one web site to an other ?
Due to Tobacco taxes, the prices of Cuban cigars vary from country to country. By purchasing your cigars through, you are assured of ; 100 % authenticity, the highest superior quality Cuban cigars and prices that are unique.
Do you guarantee the shipment door to door ?
Yes we do. By using private couriers, you have the assurance than your package will arrive on time and directly to your door. In case of any problems, we guarantee you the full replacement of your order or we will immediately credit your card, upon request.

Any other questions ?
Just e-mail us or call us +1 (850) 397-4073 and it will be our pleasure to answer your questions. If our agents are not available please leave your Voice Mail and we will return your call.